A Day in Liverpool

My second day on my trip in the UK we went to Liverpool. I will be honest, I did almost no research when it came to this trip, so I knew very little about my destinations, and I really enjoyed doing it this way for about 99% of my trip (Edinburgh was the exception but more on that is soon to come). For me this trip was a mix of group travel and trying to veer off on my own. When we got to Liverpool I decided that I was going to walk around by myself, and I am glad that I did because I ended up at “the bombed out church”, which was the highlight of my day there. 

In the middle of this very industrial city and only a few blocks away from the Liverpool Cathedral sits a shell of a church. This church was bombed in 1941 which gutted the insides of the church but left the exterior still standing. There is a little garden on the outside of the church but inside it seems as if nature has taken over during the off season of it being used as a venue. There were sunflowers in bloom and a tree going through what must have been a grand window. 

I understand what a tragedy this was, and I am sad for the lives that were lost during the Liverpool Blitz, but this church became such an ode to nature in my opinion. I find comfort in the idea that where so much destruction happens nature can still come and thrive and make something beautiful. 

I did end up visiting the Liverpool Cathedral (which is the largest in Britain). On this trip we visited a lot of cathedrals and churches, and I will be honest, this one was not too impressive to me. Walking there gave me a good look around the city, so I am not mad that I did it, but I would not do it again if I return. 

The rest of my time in Liverpool was spent near the water. For being November, it was a pretty nice day. I visited the Tate Museum on the Albert Dock. I got to see the Keith Haring exhibit on its last night, which I am glad that I did because I really enjoyed his artwork and learning about his life and activism.  

The last highlight of Liverpool for me was going to the Beatles statue – this is because there was a street performer who I wished I had taken a video of, but I was too busy just enjoying his singing. I had dinner at a food truck parked there and enjoyed the sunset on the water. It was a great end to my day in Liverpool. 

Thanks for reading! Have you been to Liverpool before? Is there something I should do when I go back? Let me know in the comments below, and make sure to subscribe so you can see where I go next!

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