Printable daily tarot Worksheet

One of the best ways to strengthen your tarot skills is to utilize them daily, but not just use them and forget about them, it is good to reflect on them as well. Below I have a printable tarot worksheet which can help facilitate a daily tarot habit in which you pull cards in the […]

The Black Tarot: A Review

The black tarot deck is illustrated in a ghostly and eerie manner. Each card’s illustration definitely evokes an emotion as Victoria Iva does a great job of illuding to the card meaning with a wispy black and grey illustration.

Uranus text atop planet background

Planets for Beginners: Uranus

Welcome to Planets for Beginners! This post is all about the 7th planet from the sun – Uranus! As I mentioned in the post for Saturn, Uranus was not included in a lot of original Astrology and myths as it is not as bright as the closer planets and is hard to see with the […]

Planets for Beginners: Saturn

Welcome to Planets for Beginners! This week we are covering the planet Saturn! This planet is unique in many ways, but especially because in ancient astrology, this would have been the last of the planets, since Uranus and Neptune where not included until relatively recently. Saturn the Planet Saturn is the sixth planet from the […]

Planets for Beginners: Jupiter

Welcome to Planets for Beginners! This post will be focusing on the planet of Jupiter. If you have missed it, I have already explored the meanings of Mercury, Venus, and Mars, and you can go back and catch up if you want to! Okay, lets jump in! Jupiter the Planet Jupiter is the largest planet […]

Zodiac Elements: The Basics

In astrology there are a few different ways to categorize the Zodiac signs. All of these categories are like building blocks that help build the way that each sign influences a person. The first “building block” that we are going to be focusing on is the zodiac elements (also known as Triplicities). There are four […]

Planets for Beginners: Mars

Welcome to Planets for Beginners! This week we are focusing on the next astrological planet, Mars. Mars the Planet Mars, or the red planet is the planet that follows Earth in our solar system. It is nicknamed the red planet due to its rusty orange color. This is a terrestrial planet whose history of volcanos […]

Intro to Astrology Terms Banner

Astrology Terms: The Basics

When starting to learn about astrology, it can be intimating especially when you do not know what the vocabulary that is being used means. I wanted to take this opportunity to go over the basic astrology terms that you may run into when learning about personal astrology and zodiac signs. Astrological Planets: The “planets” in […]

Zodiac Signs: The Basics

When most people want to get into astrology, the first things that they learn is their sun sign, also referred to as one’s zodiac sign. Within these upcoming weeks I am going to be focusing on the basics of personal astrology. Starting this week with an introduction to zodiac signs; this is going to be […]

The Field Tarot Review

Happy Tuesday and welcome to the first of my Tuesday Tarot Reviews! Up first is The Field Tarot by Hannah Elizabeth Fofana, which I was excited to play with in order to review today! Artwork This beautiful deck mixes a soft celestial theme and florals in a 2-D art style that captures the attention of […]

January 2022 Night Sky

January of 2022 is not packed with astrological events that you can observe in the night sky, but there are some. Even though there are not a lot of events, as long as it is a clear night, and you can bundle up warm enough the stars are always worth enjoying in my opinion. Below […]

6 Stargazing Tips

The Leonids Meteor shower means this week it is a great time to go Stargazing, so here are 6 tips to make the most out of stargazing!


Planets for Beginners: Venus

Venus the planet is associated with much of what Venus the Goddess is associated with: love, beauty, art, and pleasure.

Planets for Beginners: Mercury

Mercury is the smallest planet the closest to the sun, so it has a short orbit of 88 days that whips around the sun. Unsurprisingly, this planet that is named after a messenger god is the ruler of communication and short travel. Mercury also rules over self-expression and the way that we come up with and express ideas.

Phases Of the Moon

Like most witches my heart belongs to the moon and her phases each bring a different energy…

Astrology and Tarot

Tarot and astrology are connected through elements and using their connection, you will become a better tarot reader.

6 Websites for The Modern Tarot Reader

Tarot Resources for the Beginner Modern Witch

There are so many resources for beginner tarot readers out there that it is difficult to comb through to find the best ones, so I have done the work for you! Here are 6 websites for beginner tarot readers! All EnCompassing Tarot Resources If you google tarot anything there is a good chance that […]

Ten Easy Tarot Card Spreads for Beginners

Hello! Welcome back to our beginners tarot series! This post will go over two, three, and four card spreads that are easy to learn and will provide you with the insight of the tarot cards. If you haven’t already, I recommend visiting my Tarot Card Cheat Sheet post so that you can have a reference […]

Tarot Card Cheat Sheet

I would like to preface this list with a couple of major points for all the beginners. #1. I know this seems overwhelming – but you do not have to memorize these all in one day or memorize them at all (although it does connect you to the cards more if you have the meanings […]

Beginning Tarot

Happy Mystic Monday! For the next 4 weeks Mystic Mondays will be focusing on Tarot! I absolutely adore tarot and I think that it is one of the best ways to connect to the universe and one of the easiest practices to start studying. I started learning tarot when I was in high school just […]

Mystic Mondays