The Marigold Tarot: A review

Happy Tuesday, and welcome to my Tuesday Tarot review! Today I am reviewing 13th press’ “The Marigold Tarot” by Amrit Brar, which I love to work with!


In this black deck with white and gold illustrations, the artist of the Marigold Tarot, Amrit Brar does a beautiful job of mixing a skeleton and floral theme. This deck is adorned with delicate white line illustrations that are paired with a slightly bolder gold in every card. In my opinion, this gives the deck a deathly regal feel.


Each 2 ¾ by 4 ¾ inch card is printed on 310GSM German black-core, linen finish playing card stock, which is a glossy black cardstock that almost the exact same thickness and pliability as a Bicycle playing card. These cards also have a matte black edge that I find very aesthetically pleasing (but you can order them with gold gilding on their site). This deck comes in a black box adorned with gold artwork – making it a beautiful deck to display.

Ease for Beginners

While the artwork within this deck is beautiful, it is less expressive than some decks, and it would be harder for a beginner to interpret the meanings of the cards based on the illustrations. This being stated, the artwork is not totally abstract or unconnected. This deck does follow the Rider Waite Tarot deck layout but does swap the suit of pentacles out for rings. While this would not be the deck that I recommend for an absolute beginner, this would be a great second deck, and does not take an expert. Additionally, on their site, when you purchase the Marigold Tarot it comes with a downloadable guidebook.

If you would like to purchase The Marigold Tarot, you can do so at Here they also have opportunities to buy more of Amrit Brar’s artwork.

To explore more about tarot, you can visit Beginning Tarot or comment any questions you have here. If you would like to see more of this artist’s work you can find more on Instagram @13thpress.

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