The Black Tarot: A Review


The black tarot deck is illustrated in a ghostly and eerie manner. Each card’s illustration definitely evokes an emotion as Victoria Iva does a great job of illuding to the card meaning with a wispy black and grey illustration. When looking at these cards, I feel creeped out and drawn into the intricacies of each card. The best way I can describe these illustrations is featuring skeletons, people made of smoke, and desolate landscapes.


Each 2 ¾ by 4 ¾ inch card is printed on 350GSM Caidie brand paper, which is a matte black cardstock that feels slightly thicker than a playing cad. These cards also have a matte black edge that completes the look of the deck. This deck comes in a box with a guidebook “The Key to the Tarot”. This box is not as sturdy as some of the other decks that I have reviewed but does serve the purpose of storing these cards the front illustration is beautiful!

Ease for Beginners

While these illustrations are not as direct as something like the original Rider-Waite deck they are still highly interpretable. This deck does follow the Rider Waite Tarot deck layout but does swap the suit of pentacles out for spheres. The fact that this deck comes with a well done guidebook also makes it easier for beginners. All in all, I think that The Black Tarot would be a good deck for beginners as long as they sit with the illustrations to interpret them.  

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