6 Websites for The Modern Tarot Reader

Tarot Resources for the Beginner Modern Witch

There are so many resources for beginner tarot readers out there that it is difficult to comb through to find the best ones, so I have done the work for you! Here are 6 websites for beginner tarot readers!

All EnCompassing Tarot Resources

If you google tarot anything there is a good chance that biddytarot.com is what is going to pop up on your first page, and for good reason. This site is ran by Brigit Esselmont (author of everyday tarot) and has seemingly endless resources to explore. Her site is well organized with lots of free information! If you would like to dive deeper into tarot she also has courses available!

At labyrinthos.co they sell a beautiful bunch of tarot cards, but it is not just a shop – they also run a blog with some great tarot spreads, tips, and other useful information. This would be the place to visit once you are slightly familiar with the cards.

I found Little Red Tarot when I first started learning Tarot. They have some really cool information all in blog post form and provided a great jumping off point for me. They do offer tarot courses like biddy tarot and they also have some great lists if you are looking for a starter deck!

Spreads for BEGINNERS

Emerald Lotus Divination has an awesome page dedicated just to tarot spreads. The spread explanations are easy to understand and great for beginners. Practicing new spreads is a great way to get comfortable with your deck, so you should definitely head over there and check it out!

Tarot Printables

Tarot Fairy Printables has an array of beautiful printables that will help you journal about tarot while you learn. She also runs a blog that has tips on how to care for your deck.

Divinely Rylie!

Of course I am going to mention my blog in here! I have card guides, tarot spreads for beginners, and many more resources coming. If you are ready to start reading tarot, head over to my post Tarot for Beginners that will kick start your tarot journey!

I hope that all of these resources help you on your tarot journey. Make sure that you subscribe so that you do not miss out on what’s to come, and let me know of any resources that you have used in the past that I should include here!

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