Phases Of the Moon

Phases of the Moon

This October we have two full moons, one tonight and one on Halloween, so I thought why not do a moon series this month. Like most witches my heart belongs to the moon and all her power so I am excited to research and share with you what I find. Today we are going to be talking about the cycles of the moon and how that can affect your mood and your magick. We will start at the beginning of the cycle with the New Moon.

New Moon

The moon “disappears” every 28 days as the sun hits only the back side of the moon, making it virtually invisible to us. This cycle of the moon is great for setting intention and making change. Think of it as a monthly reset button. This is a great time to start a new project, making a health change, or any other big change that you would like to make.

Heather Roan Robbins in Be your own Moon Astrologer suggests a great way to use the power to set your intention as by meditating, sharing, and acting. You can do this by meditating on what you would like to achieve in the upcoming 28 days, sharing it with a friend, your journal, or posting it on social media. Then importantly you must act. Just taking a small step to act such as researching a source you need for your new intention or making a plan. By doing these three steps you can create a powerful start to this moon cycle.

Waxing Moon

 The waxing moon is a great time to tackle challenges that are appearing. This is the time to continue the work that you started on in the new moon, but during this stage you may see a little more reality of the hard work that is needed. Your energy is best served focused on removing mental bocks and healing during waxing moon phases. It is smart to focus on bringing specific energy into your life at this time.. There are three phases in the waxing moon:

               Waxing Crescent:

               At about the 3rd to 7th day of the moon cycle you can see the moon in a waxing crescent. With this crescent moon you will start to see the struggles that come with progress. It may be a struggle to continue our goals and things like mental blocks that a waxing moon brings are strong during this time.

               Waxing Half Moon (First Quarter):

               At the half moon you are likely to feel conflict as you have to make decisions during this time. Be one must be careful with the decision that they make and not make it out of frustration.

               Waxing Gibbous Moon:

               The waxing gibbous moon brings more energy into yourself and the people around you. At this time it is no longer about muddling through the blocks and challenges but instead it is about not getting distracted with the new energy around you. Make sure that you are focusing on your own goals during this phase.

Full Moon

The full moon is when we feel the power of our subconscious come through. Emotions, just like the tide, rise higher during the 14th and 17th day of a moon cycle. This is a great time to focus on any creative projects as creativity is a way our emotions show themselves. This is the phase of fruition, so take a look at what you have accomplished so far with your efforts.

The Full moon is also a great time to make moon water. I charge a mason jar of water by placing it under the moons light. If my energy has become unfocused, I like to refocus by burning a tea light on the lid and then carving how I would like to refocus in the wax. I leave this out for the night, and collect it before the sun rises. This water can be for cleansing, bathing, or drinking (if you used drinkable water to start) to recharge yourself.

Waning Moon

The waning moon is great for dispelling any energy that you do not want in your life. This is a good time to focus on moving on and creating a stronger self. Like a waxing moon there are three phases that a waning moon can be in:

               Waning Gibbous Moon:

               Any conflicting energy should be softening now and we will continue to see growth from our goals. The two gibbous moons do mirror each other’s energy so you will still have heightened energy around you and distractions can be tempting, but take a look at your progress and continue to move forward.

               Waning Half Moon (Third Quarter):

               Just as during the second quarter you may feel conflict during this half moon, but this time you have more information. Look and analyze that information in order to make a more informed decision. This conflict energy should not be as hard to tackle as it was at the beginning of the cycle, and confronting it will leave yourself proud of how far you have come.

               Waning Crescent Moon:

               This is the best time to reflect. You have gone through a 28 day cycle hopefully learned some things about yourself and those around you. During these last 4 days of the cycle try to write down what you have learned and what you would like to improve for the next cycle. This is also a great time to practice your divination and to really start trusting your intuition.

I hope that you enjoyed learning about the moon phases and what they mean as much as I did! The moon is a powerful energy and it is important to take her cycles into consideration. Through out this month I will be talking more and more about the moon, the Gods that rule her, myths that surround her and some rituals that you can do calling on her power. I hope you join me for those.

Sources for this post include: Heather Roan Robbin’s Be Your Own Moon Astrologer, Leanna Greenaway and Shawn Robbin’s The Witch’s Way, and Renna Shesso’s Planets for Pagans.


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