Halloween moon and jack o lanterns

Halloween Blue Moon

A Hunter’s Blue Moon will be rising over us this Halloween, something that only happens every 19 years, so what can you expect?

As I mentioned in my phases of the moon post, the full moon is a time that things start to come to fruition. You should start to see things fall into place that you are working on, but in a specific way.

This is a full moon in Taurus which is directly opposite of Scorpio (the current season that we are in) will bring about a sense of conflicting interests. The sun sign of Scorpio and Moon sign of Taurus will work against each other, bringing to light things within you that may be clashing.  The Taurus moon will also pull you to think about your long-term dreams and plans, do not ignore this, because this is coupled with the Hunter Moon, it is an extra powerful desire.

The name Hunter’s moon comes from the idea that during this autumn season, it is time to start prepping for the winter by stocking up on your resources. This combined with the want to start focusing on your long term dreams may have you thinking about your plan of action for your future, lean into this as this is a great time to jump start that dream.

This is a great time to reflect on what your priorities are and if you are meeting them, the internal clash that these two signs bring will force you to take a look at where you are putting your energy.

How To Use THis Blue Moon

My suggestion with this full moon is use it to reflect on what you need to do in order to reach your goals and what is standing in your way. With emotions running high you will be able to identify what is at odds within yourself. Listen to your inner conflict and try to align your life with your goals. 

If you choose to make moon water this full moon – which I highly suggest – set it with an intention for peace when working toward your goals. 

Happy Halloween!

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