Thoughts from an unfinished book

Here is an excerpt from a book that I have been working on. This passage is inspired by my trip to the Giants Causeway. Enjoy!

As I move closer to the sea –  the rocks get smoother and darker. I sit on a column and let my feet dangle above the water. I reach into my bag and pull out Gram’s journal. I find the postcard of the Giants Causeway taped down and on the parallel page her thoughts. 

The page is stained with sea water or tears, I am not sure, but either way my heart breaks for Gram. Up until this point I don’t think I understood how broken this had left her. I wonder what she would see if she came back later in life or what she would see the beauty of it all that I see. I see formidable and magical columns which stand tall enough for giants. And yes eventually they will become wrecked by waves and time but the sand that forms from it will be carried carelessly by the currents connecting this moment to another that I will never know about. Will this sand be at the foot of my grandchild? Would they be able to feel the connection to me that I feel to Gram through being where she was?

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