Mountain beyond the looking glass

In the mirror stood a girl I did not recognize,
She smiled wider and had brighter eyes.
For a moment I did not believe,
But then I saw her blink.

Her hand slid out of the reflection,
and I was pulled into a world that seemed like perfection.
“This is amazing” I say in awe,
but she points there is one flaw.

Off to the side, I saw a pile of debris –
Broken glass that was covered in darkness and dust.
I saw my beaten down ambitions,
and every ounce of betrayed self-trust.

The mountain was piled with my traits that I despise
The lost confidence that once told me to try.
I see my past mistakes,
and all my failures that made me break.

I approached the mountain that touched the sky
I never knew I had let myself hatred grow so high.
I climbed to the top where the wounds were still fresh,
and to start healing I tried my best.

With each little shard I picked up,
a burst of emotions would erupt.
So I saunter down the mountain,
exhausted for my flaws are of thousands.

At the bottom stood the girl,
still smiling her teeth as white as pearl.
“Look around you, what do you see?”
“All I can focus on is the mountain beside me.”

“And that is why we are not the same
I see all this beauty, and all you see is your self shame,”
So I went back to the top
putting pieces back together, not letting myself stop.

When I was done, there was a mirror, but no mountain
and went I reached out to touch my reflection,
the glass was no longer solid
and before I knew it I had fallen.

In the mirror stands a girl I now recognize,
She smiles wider and has brighter eyes.
For a moment I did not believe
But I have never seen her blink.

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