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I am Rylie June, and I am a traveling poet with a mystic interest or a mystic poet with traveling interests, depending on the day.

I feel like a great way to get a glimpse at who a person is is by peaking in their suitcase to see what they find essential to bring when away from home. Like all travelers, my essentials vary by trip, but the three things that I will always pack are a journal, my camera, and my tarot cards.

I have been a writer since I read in fifth grade. Short stories, poetry, fiction, and of course memories from my life and travels line the pages of my many many journals.

Saying photography is new to me would be lying, but I am still very much an amateur. I am now recently exploring how to better capture the world around me, and I love it.

A journal and a camera are pretty basic things to bring on a trip, but tarot cards? Not many people that I have met have those traveling around with them, so why do I? I’ve always been interested in mystical tales and traditions, and in high school I invested in a started tarot kit, and I love it. To feel connected with the universe through the cards is absolutely amazing, and I love doing readings for people I meet while traveling.

about this blog

I am learning every day about mysticism, photography, writing, and travel and this blog is meant to share what I learn with anyone who is also looking to explore and learn.

Every week I will be coming out with new blog posts to share my experiences. You will be able go travel with me on my adventure page, see what I have been creating on my writing page, explore tarot, astrology and more on my mystic page, and learn with me how to capture the world around you on my photography page.

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